The German Gods

The religion of Germany and Scandanavia has a foothold in Brittania through its newest arrivals, the Saxons.

While the pantheon of the Germanic gods is widespread throughout both Germania and Scandanavia, the Saxons chiefly worship a central triumvirate composed of Wotan, Frigga and Thunor. Wotan chiefly serves as the psychopomp of the dead. Frigga as the goddess of love and festivals. Thunor is the storm god, a bringer of troubles and war. These also serve as gods of the homestead, Thunor being the god of masculine pursuits, Frigga of feminine ones and Wotan as the unknowable death god, representing all strangers.

Saxony officially worships the Christjesus, particularly a Roman version of Christ in line with their desires to restore Rome to its glory days. That said, the stamping out of the old Gods has been all but impossible. One regularly finds lintels over the front door of a home with Frigga’s mark, orboneyard with the eye of Wotan carved into a stone placed at the entrance.

Wotan is usually portrayed as an old man, missing one eye and heralded by Ravens. He carries a spear and often times is portrayed, Christlike, impale by a spear against a great tree. He is known as a trickster and a gambler, who often rolls dice for the souls of mortals, or wanders as an old man, telling riddles.

Frige is portrayed most often as a woman


The German Gods

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