The Camelchrist

The cult of Giesuchristo Camelodnum, Mars Iocamulos or the Camelchrist, is the official religion of the Pen Draigh. It takes most of its rituals from the Mithraic traditions of the Ninth Legion, respecting other gods, but taking a young warrior as its paramount figure. In this case, however, the Camelchrist is a fusing of the Roman war god, Mars Camulos (himself a fusion of Mars and the celtic war god, Camulus) and the Christian messianic figure, Giesu of Nazareth. it re imagines Giesu as a warrior prince who now leads the armies of heaven in battle against the Satan and the forces of hell. The Camelchrist is portrayed as a beardless youth with Rams horns, carrying both the spear of Mars Camulos and the shepherd’s crook of the Christos. Though the camelchrist is considered heretical in the Roman Catholic church and his worship is condemned on the mainland, but the Brythonic brand of Catholicism tolerates the belief as only minorly heretical.


The church of the Camelchrist focuses its attentions on the post-ascension period of the life of Giesu, taking its stories from a number of apocryphal gospels detailing a war in heaven, several harrowings of hell and a second coming that will bring the war to earth. These gospels are mostly nonsense, written long after the life of Giesu, many after the Councils of Nicea and Ephesus, and tend to blend local folklore across Britannia with obscure Roman mythology in filling in the gaps.

The doctrine of the Camelchrist stresses martial stewardship above all other virtues. it teaches that the love, millenarianism, compassion and humility of Giesu’s teachings are only possible after the world has been purged of the sin of hell. This sin usually takes the form of enemies of the church though it has been adapted by the Pen Draigh to particularly target the Saxons who worship the Germanic gods Wotan, Frigg and Thunor.

The Camelchrist

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