Standard issue Roman cultural sword used in the Legio IX

weapon (melee)

Gladii are two-edged for cutting and had a tapered point for stabbing during thrusting. A solid grip is provided by a knobbed hilt added on, possibly with ridges for the fingers. Blade strength is achieved by welding together strips, in which case the sword has a channel down the center, or by fashioning a single piece of high-carbon steel, rhomboidal in cross-section. The owner’s name is often engraved or punched on the blade.

The hilt of a Roman sword is the capulus. It is often ornate, especially the sword-hilts of officers and dignitaries.

Stabbing is a very efficient technique, as stabbing wounds, especially in the abdominal area, are almost always deadly. However, the gladius in some circumstances is used for cutting or slashing.



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