Blade of the Ninth

The Legendary Sword from the Stone, A Symbol of Arcturus' Dominion over the IX Legion

weapon (melee)

The so-called “Sword from the Stone,” a Gladius weilded by the last Legate of the Legio IX before they were scattered beyond Hadrian’s wall. Legend states that the gladius had been left behind by the last Legate for cleaning, bringing a new one with him. As such, it is the only official Legionnaire gear whose location is known. It sat for years at the Petra Lapis in Camelodnum.

The Dragonking liberated it from the impregnable fortress in a daring raid at the age of sixteen and wielded it through most of his campaign to forge a new Brythony. In a duel with the tribal chief of Anglessey the blade shattered. It has since been reassembled for display though its days as a military weapon are over.


Blade of the Ninth

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