Pellinore of the Isles

Bannerking of the Hebrides and Anglessey, The Maimed King, Lord of the Fisherfolk


Pellinore is the King of Anglessey and the Hebrides Isles to its North. Although he is recognized as a sovereign inhis own right, Anglessey and the Hebrides (sometimes called the Fisherking’s lands) are one of the kingdoms that owe fealty to the bannerkingdom of Gwynedd. As such, Pellinore is often thought of as one of the least politically influential kings in Arcturus’ Brythonia.

That said, Pellinore is among Arcturus’s most trusted friends. They began as bitter foes when Arcturus came between Pellinore and his prey, the Questing Beast. The story goes that a debt of honor was paid with a trial by combat in which Pellinore won three bouts and shattered the Blade of the Ninth. Arcturus was nearly cut down by Pellinore but the older man saw some greatness in him and, instead offered him his services as a bannerman. After that, he rallied to the Dragonking’s standard and fought with honor and dedication in Arcturus’ war against the Saxons. The truth is probably murkier.

Born in Anglessey, a blighted Isle off the Welsh coast, Pellinore was the son of Pellam the Bloody, a famed hunter and tribal chief who was famed as a hunter of beasts and, some say, men. Pellinore does not have his father’s grisly reputation but is considered a great hunter and tracker in his own right. Fisherlord’s Hall on the Hebrides is festooned with the bones and skins of slain wolves, bears, seals and elk to prove his prowess. His obsession with finding and destroying the Questing Beast is well-known and a space for its head is reserved. Pellam died when Pellinore was fourteen and the Fisherfolk clan elected the son to be Chief of their peoples at a moot.

After Arcturus’ victory and the establishment of Camelodnum, Pellinore was made Bannerking of Anglessey and the Hebrides, colloquially called “the Fisherking.” Most of his time is spent petitioning the Rotundum for the coin to improve the farmlands of Anglessey which is stunted and blighted.

Considered an eccentric or even half-mad by many, Pellinore commands little enough political clout to raise other bannkering’s hackles about his prominence at court.


Pellinore of the Isles

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