Madman and Prophet, Chief Advisor to the Throne of Camelodnum and Sorcerer-Scholar of the Old Ways


Myrdwinn’s origins are as mysterious as his access to the powers of hell. Some say his is a Pictish shaman from the far North of Brythony, while others whisper the name Merlinus Caledonensis and say he was an Augur from Rome who has lived two hundred years feeding on the blood of bulls. Whatever his origins, all acknowledge that he was a faithful adviser to Content Not Found: ambrosinus-aurelianus-utherydes, though others claim that he poisoned Utherydes when his rule became too destructive. There are few who do not acknowledge that he helped bring the lost scion of the Pen Draigh, Arcturus Aurelianus Draconis, to the throne of Camelodnum and has served him faithfully for as long as rule has been his.

Many believe him to be the power behind the Dragonking’s throne.



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